According To Koreans You’ll Become Rich If Your Hand Looks Like This

Can our palms really tell our future?

There are three main patterns that appear on people’s palms that may indicate their success and wealth. The three main types of palms are the monkey palm, the M shaped palm, and the trident palm.

The monkey palm shows the head line and the heart line in alignment so that it almost appears as if they are one line. It is believed that people with this type of line are enriched with knowledge and good with business.



The trident palm shows three lines extending in the shape of a trident, over the emotional line is known as a trident palm. This shape represents a balance of a person’s emotional, logical, and physical signs and is seen as extremely lucky.


When the fate line crosses the emotion line and the brain line you are said to have an M character palm. People with this palm are supposed to be blessed with riches.


Here are some famous celebrities that seem to prove that your palms can tell a lot about you.

1. Actress Tang Wei

She has the monkey palm. She has also had a long history as an actress, maybe it’s her good business sense.


2. KARD’s Somin

You can just make out the M on her palm. Maybe that means KARD will continue being successful!


3. BTS’ J-Hope

The BTS members each had a picture of their palms taken for a magazine. J-Hope clearly has an M on his hand. We already know that BTS is successful just like J-Hope’s hand says!


4. Yang Hyun Suk a.k.a YG

Although you can’t tell from this picture, the head of YG Entertainment is known to have a trident palm. It’s safe to say the Yang Hyun Suk has been very successful and has led a very good career.


5. BTS’ Jungkook

Jungkook has the monkey palm (although it also appears to be a sideways trident). So does this mean Jungkook is blessed with luck or with good business sense?


6. Red Velvet’s Irene

Irene has a faint M shape on her palm. Red Velvet has been extremely popular since their debut. Maybe her palm really does predict fortune!


7. APINK’s Eunji

Eunji also has an M on her palm. Eunji has been successful as both a singer and an actress. Coincidence?


8. Chairman of Samsung Lee Kun Hee

He is known to have a trident on his palm and he ran one of the largest tech companies in the world!


9. Hyundai’s founder Chung Ju Yung

The founder of Hyundai had a monkey palm. He definitely was a very smart man and had a good business sense just like those with this type of palm are supposed to have.


10. Girls’ Generation’ Taeyeon

Taeyeon also has an M on her palm and we all know how amazing her career is!

Source: Dispatch
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