Here Are 10+ Of Actor Ahn Bo Hyun’s Hottest Modeling Moments

The real question is if there is ever a moment when he’s not hot?

While we certainly loved to hate him with his role as Jang Geun Won in JTCB and Netflix‘s Itaewon Class, we can’t help but simply adore Ahn Bo Hyun himself.

Ahn Bo Hyun as Jang Geun Won in “Itaewon Class.”

If we didn’t already love him, his current portrayal as the adorable (but also super hot) Goo Woong in the K-Drama adaptation of Yumi’s Cells would be all we need to be converted.

Kim Go Eun as Yumi (left) and Ahn Bo Hyun as Goo Woong (right) in “Yumi’s Cells.” | tvN & TVING

That’s not all either. He’s low-key everyone’s favorite character as Detective Jeon Pil Do in Netflix’s My Name.

Ahn Bo Hyun’s solo poster for “My Name.” | Netflix

While he’s an extremely versatile actor, Ahn Bo Hyun is also a model too. He has modeled for pictorials and still does, along with product shoots as well due to his stunning visuals. So, here are 10+ of his hottest photoshoots…


We’re wondering why Calvin Klein has yet to make him an official brand ambassador because just look at this photoshoot that he did for THE STAR.

Yes, we wouldn’t mind playing one-on-one.

2. DAZED Korea

In his 2020 DAZED Korea interview, he also did a fun photoshoot showing the different sides to himself.

Snacks in bed, we see…


3. W Korea

He was photographed multiple times for W Korea as he was featured in both the July and September issues in 2020.

This suit certainly doesn’t need a shirt…

His shoulder is a key accessory to every look.

Our personal favorite of all is this all-black crop top look!

One year later, Ahn Bo Hyun is back in the September 2021 issue for W Korea, looking better than ever!


Ahn Bo Hyun gave us all things “tall, dark, and handsome” in the pictorial titled “MAN FROM EARTH,” which was for the June 2021 issue of Arena Homme Plus.

We’re ready to start a petition so that Ahn Bo Hyun is always styled this way.

He’s literally sun-kissed.

5. GQ Korea

July 2020, Ahn Bo Hyun was charming as ever for a monochromatic photoshoot with GQ Korea.

He stays flexin’.

We love this disheveled hairstyle!

6. Céci

Quite a few years ago, before we came to know him as the actor Ahn Bo Hyun, he did this sexy photoshoot for the Asia trend magazine CéCi.

In addition to acting and modeling, he is also a boxer, so this photoshoot allowed him to show that side of himself.

7. Trek Bicycle Corportation

He looks like Captain Korea in this advertisement for Trek Bicycle!

8. star1

Hot off of Itaewon Class, he showed a bit more of his soft side in a pictorial for star1 magazine but just as handsome.

9. BNTNews

Back when he was a rookie actor, he did an interview and pictorial for BNTNews following his appearance in Descendents of the Sun.

10. Gianfranco Lotti

He has modeled quite a lot for the Italian luxury accessory brand, and we can see why…

Who wouldn’t want to purchase their products after seeing this?

We’re in favor of him being the next James Bond.

11. Swagger

We cannot think of anyone better to advertise for a brand called Swagger.

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