15 Things K-Celebs Have Said About Actor Jung Woo Sung’s Visual… To Prove He’s A Star Among Stars

“He had the body of a Greek god…”

Actor Jung Woo Sung is really, really good looking — there’s no denying that. But without having seen in him real life, perhaps, it is not so easy to fully grasp simply how good looking he is. Worry not, though. Apparently, fans are not the only ones whipped for his breathtaking visual. Countless Korean celebrities have all shared their accounts of meeting Jung Woo Sung in person. And these 15 things K-Celebs have said about him will prove that he is a star among the stars for his unreal visual.

1. Comedian Shin Bong Sun

I saw him at a bar in Yeouido. He was wearing a simple sweatshirt, but he was glowing. He poured me a shot of soju — and I suffered side effects of that. I couldn’t get him out of my head for a couple days. It was hard.

— Shin Bong Sun

2. Comedian Kim Sook

Thanks to my actress friend Ra Mi Ran, I got to sit at the same table with Jung Woo Sung once. Whenever he spoke, the air changed. When he said, ‘Hi Sook’ to me… I thought he had diamonds in his eyes. He’s a living, walking scene from a movie.

— Kim Sook

3. Show Host Jun Hyun Moo

I ran into him at the gym, as I was coming out of the shower. He had the body of a Greek god.

— Jun Hyun Moo

4. Vocalist Lee So Ra

I know what it means when someone glows. I actually met Jung Woo Sung at a cafe once. He had that very glow.

— Lee So Ra

5. Comedian Lee Soo Geun

I met Jung Woo Sung at a spa once. He was butt naked, drying his hair… and I was so captivated by his physique. I stood there amused.

— Lee Soo Geun

6. Actor Yoo Seung Ho

Jung Woo Sung is really tall and he has such an awesome build. I think he really has it all. That was the first time I ever thought life is kind of unfair.

— Yoo Seung Ho

7. Actress Ra Mi Ran

He is the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my life. He held his hand out to shake mine, but I was so mesmerized by his face that I couldn’t take his hand.

— Ra Mi Ran

8. Actress Jin Kyeong

Jung Woo Sung is really handsome. I think he’s the most ‘actor’ looking actor of them all… He was sitting in the corner by himself at the afterparty and it was like a scene out of a movie.

— Jin Kyeong

9. Actor Park Hae Il

He is my role model. I met him in real life once — I couldn’t keep my eyes on him because he was so intimidatingly good looking.

— Park Hae Il

10. Actor Lee Chun Hee

I’ve met him like three times… Once I was so taken aback by his visual that I actually started stepping away from him in awe.

— Lee Chun Hee

11. Idol-Turned-TV-Personality Tony An

There was this one time when I questioned my own sexual orientation and that’s when I met Jung Woo Sung in real life. I have never looked at a man that long. But he made me do a triple take. I really couldn’t stop looking at him.

— Tony An

12. Rapper Tablo

I ran into him at the gym once. I shouldn’t have looked in the mirror after meeting him. I’ve been traumatized, so I stopped going to that gym.

— Tablo

13. Comedian Nam Hee Seok

You know… He could slap me out of the blue, if we run into each other on the streets. I would not be offended.

— Nam Hee Seok

14. Comedian Shin Dong Yup

My heart almost stopped.

— Shin Dong Yup

15. Actress Lee Tae Ran

He’s so good looking that he could betray me… and I probably wouldn’t go after him.

— Lee Tae Ran

Source: THEQOO