Every K-Drama Featuring Rising Star Actor Lee Chae Min

Catch up on his filmography before his next K-Drama.

Actor Lee Chae Min has stolen our hearts as he hosts KBS music program Music Bank as well as appearing in K-Dramas.

IVE’s Wonyoung (left) and Lee Chae Min (right) | KBS

If you want to see more of him, check out his filmography below.

1. High Class

He portrayed Secretary An in tvN’s 2021 mystery suspense drama High Class. It focuses on lies and secrets hidden in the seemingly perfect lives of elite women with the backdrop of a beautiful island.

| KBS2

2. Love All Play (also known as Going to You at a Speed of 493km)

Lee Chae Min starred as one of the Yunis Badminton Team players, Lee Ji Ho, in KBS2’s 2022 sports romance drama Love All Play. 

| @l.c.m____/Instagram

3. Alchemy of Souls 2: Light and Shadow

He appeared in the first episode of Season 2 of tvN‘s hit fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls as an alcohol deliveryman.

A powerful sorceress in a blind woman’s body encounters a man from a prestigious family, who wants her help to change his destiny.

— Netflix


4. Crash Course in Romance

Lee Chae Min starred as high school student Lee Sun Jae, Nam Hae E’s (Roh Yoon Seo) best friend and love interest, in this hit tvN K-Drama.

A mother with a heart of gold navigates the cutthroat world of private education when her daughter tries to join a celebrity math instructor’s class.

— Netflix

Roh Yoon Seo (left) and Lee Chae Min (right)

5. Everyday We Are (also known as Everyday, We or Us, Everyday)

He plays Oh Ho Soo in this youth romance film based on a Kakao Page webtoon. It looks so cute!

Depicts the growth one experiences in one’s bright and fresh school years through true friendships and the excitement of a first love.

— Naver

6. Hierarchy (Korean title)

Lee Chae Min has reportedly been cast in Netflix’s new elite high school K-Drama, which only the top 0.01% of all students can attend. The emotional connections between the characters, from love, jealousy, revenge, and compassion, will all be displayed throughout the show.

Lee Chae Min’s character is reportedly Kang Ha, a scholarship student at this high school. With his innocent, puppy-like visuals but charms befitting a large dog, he has the flexibility to adapt to any situation and displays his firm character when needed. While looking all innocent, he possesses the capability to run straight for his target, leading to many being curious why he even joined this elite high school in the first place.

Source: AsianWiki

Crash Course In Romance