These Are Actor Lee Dong Wook’s Top 3 Hottest K-Drama Characters

(Off to binge watch)

Actor Lee Dong Wook is, K-Drama lovers would agree in a heartbeat, one of the most gorgeous TV stars to grace the screens. And with his surreal visual, he has taken on several characters that made us laugh and cry, fall in love and grow obsessed. Among many that kept us enchanted throughout the series, here are 3 of Lee Dong Wook’s hottest, most charming characters!


1. Seol Gong Chan

The 2005 hit series My Girl is the very series that gave Lee Dong Wook a popularity boost. With this role of Seol Gong Chan, a dandy businessman with the visual and the brain, Lee Dong Wook rose to stardom that got him bigger and more challenging characters. The cliche-but-classic Cinderella story of the coldhearted Seol Gong Chan slowly opening up to and falling in love with the out-of-control Joo Yu Ri (played by actress Lee Da Hae) had Korean viewers hooked.


2. Kang Ji Wook

Right after he got discharged from his military duty, Lee Dong Wook took on the role of Kang Ji Wook in the 2011 series Scent of a Woman. As Kang Ji Wook, Lee Dong Wook portrayed a man who falls in love with a dying, cancer-diagnosed woman Lee Yeon Jae (played by actress Kim Sun Ah). This series trended the idea of keeping and completing a “bucket list”, as Kang Ji Wook spends the last six months of Lee Yeon Jae’s life, doing what she wants to do.

3. The Grim Reaper

In 2017, Lee Dong Wook took on one of his most successful roles of the Grim Reaper in the hit series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. As a feared-and-never-welcomed messenger of death who remembers nothing of his human past, Lee Dong Wook broke a plenty of viewer hearts — more as each episode revealed more of his story. And his undeniable chemistry with co-star Yoo In Na, who played the role of Sunny, made many K-Drama fans stan this ill-fated couple hard.


Bonus: Lee Yeon

What better news for 2020 than news of Lee Dong Wook’s new drama? He will be putting his most breathtaking vampire-like visuals to good use in tvN’s The Tale of Nine-Tail — as the male version of the usually-female nine-tailed fox. Actress Jo Bo Ah will costar as a producer who chases after the mystical creature. This fantasy series is set to air mid-to-late 2020.