4 Times Actor Nam Joo Hyuk Went Viral Online Because Of His Swoon-Worthy Actions

#3 is considered legendary ❤️

Nam Joo Hyuk isn’t one of those actors who slowly but surely made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Nam Joo Hyuk | @skawngur/Instagram

He, unlike many others, became a hot issue ever since his first appearance in a music video. With that in mind, here are four times he went viral online after heart-stopping gifs were uploaded by fans!

1. AKMU’s “200%”

Speaking of music videos, Nam Joo Hyuk hit it big when he starred in AKMU‘s “200%” and “Give Love.”

People who watched the videos were instantly drawn to his boyish good looks.

Recalling that time, netizens described feeling “so shocked” after seeing his face.

The gifs have gained legendary status since then!

2. “Welcome Back To School”

In 2014, Nam Joo Hyuk was selected to join JTBC variety show Welcome Back To School, where celebrities became high school students for three days.

Until this day, people can’t forget the time he played with a classmate’s hair, pretending it was a mustache.

Netizens even joked that he was so cool and handsome, it was almost criminal!

3. “Three Meals A Day”

That wasn’t the only variety show where he created a buzz.

In the cooking program Three Meals A Day, people’s jaws literally dropped when they saw him leisurely lying on the ground.

He earned the nickname “male Eungyo” after the 2012 romantic film of the same name.

In the movie, high school student Eungyo (played by actress Kim Go Eun) was introduced in a similar fashion.

Eungyo (Kim Go Eun) | Lotte Entertainment

Nam Joo Hyuk’s flawless skin and innocent expression captivated the hearts of many.

4. “Coffee Friends”

Finally, he went viral when he joined the cast of tvN‘s reality show Coffee Friends as a part-time worker.

He didn’t just impress with his handsome visuals but also his work ethic.

But naturally, his fantastic hair also caught the eyes of many. It elevated his features, making him look more classy and sophisticated.

It’s easy to see why he frequently goes viral without even trying!

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