Koreans Go Crazy For Actor Nam Joo Hyuk’s Visuals In “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”

“…perhaps since he bulked up…”

It’s not been too long since Nam Joo Hyuk shook us all up with his visuals in Start-up.

Unfortunately for the young star, many viewers were swayed by the second lead, Han Ji Pyung, as played by Kim Seon Ho.

However, Koreans are once again fawning over Nam Joo Hyuk once again in his latest drama, Twenty-five, Twenty-one.

He plays the once-glorious Baek Yi Jin, who was the most popular guy in Taeyang High School. He graduated and went to attend college in the States.

He came from a rich family and is tall and handsome to boot!

Unfortunately, his family goes bankrupt during the IMF crisis and he ends up having to fend for himself after his father makes a run for it.

He meets the tenacious student, Na Hee Do (played by Kim Tae Ri), who’s on the fencing team at Taeyang High School.

He is inexplicably drawn to her vivacity and positive nature.

They become fast friends…

…but just might evolve into something more.

His looks shone with his clear skin and young heartthrob image.

Paired with a model-esque physique and a winning smile…

…it’s no wonder viewers are falling for him!

He’s got Koreans gushing about his visuals.

| theqoo
  • “He gets more handsome with every drama that it becomes an issue.”
  • “He got more handsome, different from Start-up. Hehe Baek Yi Jin”
  • “When he came out in AKMU‘s MV, he looked pleasant but now he has that grown-up beauty. He got cooler”
  • “He definitely was handsome previously too but perhaps since he bulked up, he looks more grown up that it’s heart fluttering.”
  • “He’s so handsome, his nose bridge is so pretty. His physique is crazy too”
  • “Baek Yi Jin sob”
  • “He really is handsome in a refreshingly pure way”

He definitely gets more handsome with each year, just like fine wine.

Source: theqoo
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