5 Adorable Childhood Photos Of Popular K-Drama Actresses

They look the same!

These famous K-Drama actresses may now be famous for their talent and beauty, but they were once adorable little children just like everyone else. Try not to squeal when you see just how cute they were as children!

Check out the childhood photos of five actresses below!

1. Kim Hye Yoon

You may recognize actress Kim Hye Yoon from the hit dramas Extraordinary You and SKY Castle. Her signature wide eyes and bright smile make her childhood photo too cute for words!

2. Song Hye Kyo

| Tatler Hong Kong

Actress Song Hye Kyo is popular for her roles in the dramas Descendants Of The Sun, Autumn In My Heart, and That Winter, The Wind Blows, among others.

Just like her adult counterpart, baby Song Hye Kyo is beautiful and glamorous!

3. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung was born in 1999, and it wasn’t long before she gained fame as a child actress. Nowadays, she is widely recognized for starring in Love In The Moonlight, Moon Embracing The Sun, and Backstreet Rookie.

Seeing her charm and innocence in the picture, it’s impossible to deny how cute she was as a child!

4. Shin Se Kyung

Born in 1990, actress Shin Se Kyung is famous for her roles in High Kick Through the RoofRookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung, and A Girl Who Sees Smells.

As expected, she was just as beautiful as a child as she is now!

5. Son Ye Jin

| @yejinhand/Instagram

Last but not the least, Son Ye Jin gained considerable international fame when she starred in Crash Landing On You. Before the drama, however, she was already a household name for the many films and dramas that she was involved in.

Unsurprisingly, her childhood photo is certified adorable.