5 Adorable Childhood Photos Of Popular K-Drama Actors

They were cute since the start 💕

With their widespread popularity and influence, it’s easy to forget that popular K-Drama actors were once innocent little children like everybody else.

| @bn_sj2013/Instagram

While some on the list look as if they barely aged a day, others are practically unrecognizable now. In no particular order, check out the cutest childhood photos of five actors below!

1. Park Seo Joon

| @bn_sj2013/Instagram

Born in 1988, Park Seo Joon gained worldwide recognition through the dramas Itaewon Class, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and Fight For My Way, to name a few.

Try not to squeal when you see his baby picture—chubby cheeks and all!

2. Lee Jong Suk

Famous for his roles in W, Pinocchio, and While You Were Sleeping, actor Lee Jong Suk is already known for his many adorable childhood photos. If anything, they prove that he was cute since the start!

3. Jo In Sung

With his broad shoulders and chiseled features, it’s hard to tell that Jo In Sung was once a playful young boy. The That Winter, the Wind Blows actor used to wear bright red matching clothes, and he wasn’t shy to stick his tongue out at the camera.

4. Seo Kang Jun

Born in 1993, actor and singer Seo Kang Jun was an all-natural cutie since the start. Like his older self, little Seo Kang Jun exuded innocence and grace.

5. Lee Min Ho

Finally, Lee Min Ho may be in his 30s, but it’d be hard to guess at first glance! It’s almost as if the extremely cute childhood photo of him in a stroller wasn’t taken several decades ago.