Here Are 5 Adorable Ways You Can Customize Your Favorite K-Pop Stuffed Toys

#4 is too cute!

Owning stuffed toys of your favorite K-Pop idols and dressing them up is a great way to keep them close to heart!

In case you needed some inspiration on how to accessorize them, look no further than this week’s episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series. A mother, daughter, and grandmother trio who specialize in designing and producing K-Pop doll clothes guested on the episode, where they shared some of their favorite creations.

If you’re interested in sewing or buying some new clothes for your dolls, you might find inspiration in their work! Below are five items they recommended that you add to your collection today.

1. Hoodies

There’s nothing more eye-catching than a cute hoodie for your stuffed toy. Whether it’s tteokbokki-inspired…

…or animal-inspired, you can never go wrong!

2. Patches

Patches are small accessories that you can add to your stuffed toy’s outfits. Although small, they add charm to the clothes and complete the entire look!

3. Earrings

Clothes, however, aren’t the only thing you can add. Try putting jewelry on your stuffed toys to give them more edge and life—plus points if they match your bias’s real life jewelry!

4. Bags

What better way to tie an outfit together than by accessorizing it with a cute, miniature bag? It will surely be the envy of everyone who sees it!

5. Headpieces

Last but not the least, any hair accessory is the perfect focal point for a stuffed toy.

Your attention will immediately dart towards the adorable hat or headband that it is wearing.

In no time at all, your stuffed toy may just look exactly like your favorite idol!

Learn more about K-Pop stuffed toys in the full video below.

Source: AYO
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