Aespa Just Debuted But They’re Already Raking In Numerous Brand Deals—Here’s Proof

Here are the brands that they endorse.

SM Entertainment‘s newest girl group, aespa, may have only debuted in November 2020, but they’re already massively popular! Their first comeback sored to the top of daily music charts and reaped millions of views on YouTube.

They’re also swimming in brand deals that prove just how popular they are. Check out which famous brands they’re endorsing below!

1. Givenchy

First up, aespa is the muse of luxury fashion brand Givenchy. They’ve been modelling their outfits in photoshoots and Instagram posts since 2020.

Giselle | @aespa_official/Instagram

What makes this endorsement even more special is that aespa was named Givenchy’s first ever South Korean ambassadors. Matthew Williams, the brand’s creative director, was all praise for the girl group.

When I first saw aespa, I was overwhelmed with the energy each member had. Both as a group and individually as Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning, I could feel the the strong individuality and style of each member, so naturally they would fit with Givenchy. Aespa’s fashion is having their own color.

— Matthew M. Williams

aespa | Givenchy

With the member’s incredible visuals and charisma, it’s obvious why they’re the perfect models!

Karina | @aespa_official/Instagram

2. Eternal Return

Aespa continued their debut’s fantasy-like concept in their Eternal Return content. Kakao Games announced their collaboration on July 14, and the “Next Level” special music video was released a week later.

3. Mediheal

Mediheal is a best-selling Korean skincare brand that specializes in sheet masks. They announced in August, We expect super rookies aespa, who will lead the new generation of K-pop, and Mediheal…to create great synergy together.”

| Mediheal

Unlike the other endorsements, aespa had a fresh and clean image in their Mediheal photoshoot.

Winter and Ningning
Giselle and Karina

4. Clio

Aespa recently modeled for cosmetics brand Clio’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. Their group and individual photos were released in mid-August, and they were all stunning!

Ningning even trended on Twitter for her luxurious visuals that perfectly fit the concept!

5. Eider

Finally, the most recent endorsement that aespa bagged was for Eider. They’re a French brand that makes sports garments for mountaineering and ice climbing, thus showing the girls bundled up in winter attire.

| Eider

Fans were quick to note that aespa’s photoshoot was found in their physical stores even before the official announcement.

| @ae_winter_0101/Twitter

Eider is famous for choosing top celebrities as their muses such as Kim Woo Bin, Park Bo Gum, Han So Hee and more.

Kim Woo Bin

From all these endorsements, it’s clear that aespa is making their mark commercially!

Source: Naver