10 Times aespa’s Karina Looked Stunning In Bangs, Living Up To Her “Human CG” Nickname

No matter the hairstyle, Karina pulls it off effortlessly.

aespa‘s Karina is famous for her ethereal visuals and powerful performances, and while she looks good in everything, these 10 times she rocked bangs are proof of her otherworldly beauty.

1. Femme Fatale

Despite her fatally good looks, Karina’s personality is soft and sweet.

2. Modern-Day Belle

Karina is the perfect embodiment of a Disney princess.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

3. She Owns All Hair Trends

Whether with blunt bangs or see-through ones, Karina’s beauty is on another level.

4. Low-Quality Picture, High-Quality Visuals

Even in blurry photos, Karina’s beauty shines through.

| aespa/Bubble

5. She Is A Gift From Above

The cute hair bow adds to the holiday aesthetic.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

6. Adorably Elegant

Everything about this look screams elegance, but somehow, Karina manages to look extra cute at the same time.

7. Mermaid Princess

With the blue hair and pearl accessories, it’s not hard to picture Karina as a mythical being.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

8. She Looks Amazing In All Hair Colors

The brown tone transforms her aura from icy to warm.

9. December 11, 2020

This look had netizens obsessed, and it hadn’t even been a month since her debut.

10. A Living Doll

No one would dispute if someone revealed that Karina was an anime character brought to life.