10 Times aespa’s Karina Showed Off Her Flawless Figure And Proportions

#4 shows how she really looks IRL.

If aespa‘s Karina didn’t debut as an idol, she could definitely be a model! With her long limbs and slim figure, she’s often praised for model material body. Check out 10 times she showed her stunning proportions below.

1. Her high-waisted jeans highlight her endless legs.

The look is perfect on her!

2. When she emerged in a crop top, her tiny waist is the first thing you see.

Fans were swooning for the fashionable and flattering look.

3. Even just standing on stage, she incredibly tall.

She gives off Barbie doll vibes!

4. In shorts, her legs seemingly go on for days.

Her genetics are blessed!

5. In a long black dress, she doesn’t get swallowed up.

She makes it look just right.

6. Her long limbs make her dancing look even better!

It gives a graceful effect.

7. She rocks her hourglass shape.

She knows just how to dress for her shape, too.

8. The members of aespa all have amazing proportions!

Like their AI counterparts, they look like CGI.

9. She can even make a suit look glamorous.

Anything she wears looks even better.

10. During aerial yoga, she stays in shape.

Karina is a visual queen!