10 Times aespa’s Karina Made Fans Go Wild Over Her Gorgeous Visuals

#5 is a total serve.

When it comes to visuals, aespa‘s Karina always stands out! She’s gone viral numerous times since her debut thanks to her unreal beauty.

Check out some of her most heart-stopping photos below!

1. In Bare Faced Videos

First up, fans couldn’t stop talking about her part in the behind-the-scenes video of “SM Culture Universe.” She looks exactly the same without makeup as she does with a full face of it on.

Karina | aespa/YouTube

| aespa/YouTube

2. In A School Uniform

Her doll-like visuals popped out even more in the school uniform she wore to JTBC‘s Knowing Bros.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

| @aespa_official/Instagram

3. In “Black Mamba”

We can’t forget about her teaser image for aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba.” She looked out of this world in a purple and pink color scheme.

| SM Entertainment

4. In A Soft Glow

Karina showed off a softer image in a natural photoshoot with plants. Her side profile alone is enough to turn heads wherever she goes!

| @aespa_official/Instagram

| @aespa_official/Instagram


She proved that she can be a high fashion model whenever she wishes in her photoshoot with DAZED magazine.

6. In A Gorgeous Pairing

When pictured alongside Winter, they’re a visual explosion!

Karina (Left) and Winter (Right) | @aespa_official/Instagram

7. In “Next Level”

Karina’s definitely on another level in “Next Level.”

8. In “Black Mamba”

Of course, she was an iconic queen in “Black Mamba.”

9. In A Wet Hair Look

Casual Karina is a total serve! With messy hair and an oversized sweater, she’s the girl crush of our dreams.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

| @aespa_official/Instagram

10. In Full Party Mode

Last but certainly not the least, with her stunning blue hair and green top, she can steal everyone’s hearts away as easy as 1, 2, 3.

| @aespa_official/Instagram

| @aespa_official/Instagram

When it comes to visuals, Karina stuns us all!