Aespa’s Karina Goes Viral For Her Insanely Gorgeous Barefaced Visuals

No makeup and totally flawless.

Aespa‘s Karina shocked both fans and non-fans with her gorgeous visuals that don’t require an ounce of makeup! On stage, we see a glam version of Karina…

…but recently, she debuted her bare face — and it’s equally as stunning!

| aespa/YouTube

While swimming in a new behind-the-scenes video of “SM Culture Universe,” Karina did her best to master an underwater scene.

| aespa/YouTube

However, netizens were immediately caught off guard by how beautiful she is without any makeup. Her small face, tall nose, and big eyes are especially apparent.

| aespa/YouTube

From her smooth skin to her youthful features, she exudes an even more innocent vibe than her charismatic stage persona.

| aespa/YouTube

Some fans prefer this innocent, natural aura and hope to see more of it soon.

Regardless of if she wears makeup or not, Karina is always a “face genius!”

Check out the full video below.

Source: TheQoo


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