11 Times aespa’s Karina Proved She’s A True All-Rounder With Insane Stage Presence

This is why she’s one of the leaders of her generation!

Aespa‘s Karina is the leader of one of the biggest groups of the fourth K-Pop generation, and throughout her time since debut, she has consistently lived up to her title.


While Karina often tends to go viral for her visuals, she has also proven time and again that she is a true all-rounder. She is not only one of the best main dancers, but also an impressive rapper and vocalist.

Here are 11 times Karina gained attention for her talent and powerful stage presence!

1. When she proved her impressive vocal range before she even debuted

2. When famous choreographer Bada Lee named her as one of the best dancers in SM Entertainment

3. When she slayed Red Velvet’s “Naughty” without having had much time to practice

4. When she shined just as brightly next to EXO’s legendary main dancer Kai

5. When she reminded everyone she’s a born rapper

6. When she became the fourth generation idol with the most fancams with more than 1 million views

7. When her vocal talent was even recognized by Lee Hi after Karina sang her song

8. When her talent and visuals had all eyes on her at Coachella 2022

9. When she caused a stir with one small clip

10. When she was praised for her powerful live vocals

11. When she became the main event at KAMP LA 2022 due to her magnetic stage presence

Source: Twitter