What The aespa Members Really Thought About Each Other When They First Met

They’ve gotten so close since that first meeting!

aespa‘s taking the world by storm with their latest single, “Savage,” and they recently put out a YouTube video with the totally fitting title “Artist on The Rise: aespa” to talk about their love for music and more.

| aespa/YouTube

During the video, the 4 aespa members also revealed what they thought of each other when they first met. Here are the first impressions the members had of each other!

1. Karina

When Winter first saw Karina, she thought “she looked like a model” and was impressed by Karina’s strong aura.

Giselle was impressed by Karina’s height. She said, “Karina was tall. That’s what surprised me.”

2. Winter

Karina thought Winter was absolutely adorable when she first saw her! She said, “When I first saw her, she was the tiny, precious one to me.”

Ningning agreed and said Winter was “like a baby.”

Giselle totally agreed with Karina and Ningning’s description of Winter and said, “Yes. That’s the right way to put it.”

3. Giselle

Winter said Giselle seemed shy when they first met and recalled that she was “somewhat feminine.”

Ningning chimed in and said that Giselle seemed to have a lot of swag when they first met. She said, “Because after I sang, she was like ‘oh, swag.’ Speaking in English all of a sudden. It was so cool.” 

4. Ningning

Karina thought Ningning was like a celebrity when she first met her. When they first met, Ningning was already a revealed trainee, so Karina looked up to her.

From their descriptions of each other, it’s very apparent that the aespa members know each other well and care for each other! After they shared their first impressions of each other, Giselle revealed that she worried she wouldn’t be able to grow close to her fellow aespa members in such a short period of time, but she had nothing to worry about as the members get along extremely well with each other and have gotten really close.

Check out the full video below!