4 Gorgeous aespa Outfits That The Members Consider Their Ultimate Favorites From Their Entire Career So Far

Which do you think they chose?

When it comes to performance looks, aespa never disappoints!

The SM Entertainment girl group has been serving top tier visuals ever since they debuted with “BLACK MAMBA” in 2020. In a new interview with ELLE, they candidly picked out the outfits they’ve worn so far that they love the most.

Check out their answers below!

1. Winter

First up, Winter had a sure answer, picking a stage costume from “SAVAGE” (2021).

Personally, during the promotion of ‘SAVAGE,’ there was a time when I wore a blue and neon yellow outfit that was a bit tight.

— Winter

It was a “Racing Mood Bodysuit” from Yuni Wa which was modified using socks.

It made multiple appearances during the promotional period. Winter wore it in teaser photos…

| SM Entertainment

…the music video…

| SMTOWN/YouTube

…and of course, live music show stages such as SBS‘s Inkigayo.

She particularly liked how well it matched her black bob cut.

I think it looked great with the short black hair so that is my favorite.

— Winter

2. Giselle

Like Winter, Giselle also picked an outfit from their “SAVAGE” era. The Black Panther band t-shirt, heart-lined pants, and cool toned makeup made it a standout look in her eyes.

For me, too, during the ‘SAVAGE’ promotions, I wore a band ‘Pantera’ t-shirt and heart-shaped pants with a ponytail and blue eye shadow.

| SM Entertainment

The members realized on the spot that it was from the same set of stage costumes as the one that Winter mentioned a moment earlier.

Winter: Is it the same performance outfit?

Giselle: The one with dangling decorations near the thigh? Same outfit!

They all liked it for a reason!

3. Karina

For a change of pace, Karina’s favorite outfit so far was from their Good Morning America guesting. They sang their hit songs while wearing pleated skirts and pastel colored tops reminiscent of school uniforms.

We had an outdoor performance on Good Morning America and I really loved the vibe.

— Karina

It was both an innocent and playful style that suited Karina perfectly.

4. Ningning

Last but certainly not the least, Ningning still can’t forget about the time she wore her hair in a bun for their comeback song “GIRLS” (2022).

For the first broadcast of ‘Girls,’ I had a top bun and a [traditional Korean hairpin].

— Ningning

The black outfit was partially inspired by traditional Korean styles such as accessories like a binyeo (hairpin) and patterns on the skirt. It fit her cute-yet-sexy aesthetic down to a T.

Check out the full video below to learn more about aespa and their style.

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