The Members Of aespa Spill Their Biggest Worries And It Shows Each Of Their True Personalities

On a scale of Karina to NingNing, how serious are you? 😂

Recently, the members of aespa shared some of their biggest concerns — and their answers couldn’t be any more different from each other! Their greatest worries show some insight into their true personalities and how unique they all are.

1. Karina

Even if I exercise, I can’t get muscles… /

I don’t have a personal talent (When asked what my specialty is, I can’t answer.. T_T)

— Karina


2. Giselle

– I need more time…

24 hours in a day is too short…

– At night, I have a lot of thoughts.

— Giselle


3. Winter

Please give us a vacation.

Let us make personal Instagram accounts.

— Winter


4. NingNing

Hello !!

Right now, I…

wanna drink Coke Zero .. TT

Can I please just have one can? <3

— NingNing


We can’t get enough of each of their unique charms! Who do you relate to most?


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