Here Are 7 Of After School’s Most Iconic Songs To Celebrate Their 12th Anniversary

Wow, do we miss these girls or what?

K-Pop group After School is celebrating their 12th year anniversary today so naturally, we have compiled a list of some of their most iconic songs since their debut. Here are 7 of After School’s hit songs that we know will take everyone down memory lane!

1. “Ah”

Debuting on January 15th, 2009, the 5 members of the original line-up of the group made a remarkable splash onto the K-Pop scene. Taking inspiration from the Pussycat Dolls, they came on stage with their sassy attitudes, powerful dance moves and charismatic presences. Pulling from a school girl vibe, they performed their debut song “Ah” in cute gym clothes while performing this charismatic song. Just a few months after their debut, they added their first new member Uee, to showcase their unique admission-graduation system.

2. “Diva”

Three months after their debut, After School came back with another catchy hit song, “Diva.” They really proved their popularity with the release of this song as they went on to win Rookie of the Month after this release. The catchy chorus and the even catchier dance moves began After School’s journey into releasing hit after hit. Nationwide, “Diva” was constantly played due to it’s highly addictive chorus. Were you even a K-Pop fan if you didn’t know the lyrics, Diva Diva Di-Di-Diva!

3. “Because of You”

The group came back half a year later with a much different image than their debut. With a more sophisticated and mature concept, they released “Because of You” with two new members, Raina and Nana. While they were rising quickly to becoming one of the nation’s hottest girl groups of the time, this single clinched that spot for the girls of After School. “Because of You” won them numerous awards and first place trophies. This song was talked about on every variety program for months.

4. “Bang!”

In 2010, the girl group released their highly addictive song “Bang!”, which had an incredible drum line concept. The leader at the time, Kahi admitted that she took inspiration after watching the movie, Drumline and that she wanted to try a marching band concept. Lucky for her, the song, the dance and the concept were all received incredibly well by the Korean public. The group was praised endlessly for trying something new. It was during this release that another new member, Lizzy joined the group.

5. “Let’s Step Up”

The girls came back, with yet another amazing concept. This time, they tried out tap dancing and they absolutely killed it. Just right after their phenomenal drum line concept, After School proved their status as the “concept queens” with this tap dancing number. Netizens were once again blown away by the girl group’s ability to not only try, but to execute new concepts so well. They were constantly giving the public something new to rave over and Korea was soaking it all in.

6. “Flashback”

In 2012, member and former leader Kahi officially graduated from the group. With her graduation, netizens doubted the future of After School, claiming that Kahi was their glue. After her departure, they they released their new song “Flashback” which had electronic tunes and a cool girl aesthetic. The tall members of the group showed off their model-like figures with the promotion of this song due to the high cut ensembles. The public was quick to compare the members of the group to actual models thanks to their visuals.

7. “First Love”

In June of 2013, the girls of After School released their final song as a group. “First Love” was another amazing concept done by the members as they went for a pole dancing routine. While the public was not as receptive of this concept as their previous ones, the “concept queens” proved themselves once more. The unique, but difficult choreography that this group pulled off for this song never fails to impress their fans. During their live performances, the members can be seen at the tops of the poles, all the while performing the dance routine to their song.

5 original members of After School | Pledis Entertainment

After School was by far one of the most powerful and unique girl groups to have ever stepped into the K-Pop world. Their constant attempts at original concepts have yet to be matched thus far. While most of the members may have parted ways with the group and the label, we still can’t help but congratulate the group on their 12th anniversary. Happy 12th anniversary to After School!