10+ Ahgase Reactions To GOT7’s Comeback Schedule And Pre-Order That Are Too Real

“Crying in ahgabroke.” 😭

Today, GOT7 have both begun pre-orders for their new self-titled EP and released their full comeback schedule.

| @GOT7/Twitter

Since the comeback announcement, Ahgases couldn’t be more excited. Now, with the latest news, there are lots of feels.

So, here are 10+ Ahgase reactions to GOT7’s comeback schedule and pre-orders that are too real…

1. An answer to prayers

2. This tongue-twister

3. OMG, they all look so handsome?!

4. Bet.

5. BRB, crying!

6. We’re so buying this theory!

7. Trying to guess the tracklist

8. Jay B’s new look

9. Manifesting

10. Silver-haired and tatted Jackson Wang? Yes, please.

11. If it’s a dream… Don’t wake us up.

12. Finally 😭

13. Three types of Ahgase

14. When you’re all three