We Are Looking Respectfully — 10+ Super Hot Photoshoots From Ahn Bo Hyun

A sexy, sexy man.

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun has always been known for his manly image. With a dedication to the gym and lusciously tan skin, he’s the object of admiration for every girl, and the object of envy for every guy. Here’s 10+ of his super hot photoshoots for you to bask in his glory.

1. White tee

His physique stands out even in this simple outfit.

Sometimes, all you need to shine is a plain T-shirt and long pants.

2. A touch of cute

Before we get into the spicy stuff, take a moment to calm your heart with this adorable photo.

3. It’s getting hot in here

A man in a blazer and layered necklaces? Sign us up.

4. Chains

Seems like the outerwear-without-inner wear is a go-to for Ahn Bo Hyun.

Thick chains on Ahn Bo Hyun? A gift from God.

5. Vest and pants

This photo was taken during his rookie days.

6. Office look

That tie and button-up is deadly on him.

7. Casual sexy

We love how this look isn’t over the top, but still manages to convey sensuality.

8. Denim on denim

Ahn Bo Hyun toes the line between cute and hot. We love a man with duality.

9. A glimpse of his abs

The man trains hard for his rock-hard abs.

10. Shirtless

Did you know that Ahn Bo Hyun used to be a boxer? This photoshoot gives a nod to his athlete roots.

11. Loungewear

He looks glorious in absolutely anything.

Haven’t quite gotten your fix of the charming actor yet? Make sure to catch him in his latest K-Drama, See You In My 19th Life!