AI Analysis Proves ITZY Is One Of The Most Synchronized Groups In K-Pop

How is this humanly possible?!

AI genius and YouTube creator techie_ray is back with another analysis that proves just how incredible ITZY is when it comes to dance. Take a look at this ranking of all their songs from least to most synchronized for proof of just how talented they are.

6. “Wannabe”

According to the analysis, even ITZY’s least synchronized song is incredibly synchronized. Their 2020 hit “Wannabe” scored an impressive sync rate of 86.58%.

Of course, “Wannabe”‘s position at the bottom of the synchronization rank makes more sense when you learn that it also has the most complex formation changes and the most acrobatic moves of all ITZY choreographies. It’s also one of ITZY’s most famous dances to date, particularly because of the “shoulder dance” move.

5. “Want It”

Next on the list is ITZY’s first B-side track, “Want It?”, which scored a synchronization rate of 89.03%.

Even though that score is high, techie_ray explained it should actually be even higher because some of the mirrored moves skewed the analysis. Either way, one thing is clear: ITZY were killing the sync game from day one.

4. “IT’z SUMMER”

The rest of ITZY’s choreographies all fall squarely into the 90%+ camp, proving their immense dance talent. IT’z ICY B-side “IT’z SUMMER” comes in fourth place with a refreshing sync score of 91.31%.

This dance was pretty simple when it came to formations, but it can’t have been easy for the members to keep the velocity of all those bouncy moves in time with each other. Nevertheless, they aced it.

3. “Not Shy”

ITZY’s latest title track, “Not Shy”, starts off the top three, recording a synchronization score of 92.82%.

According to the analysis, the moves in “Not Shy” are incredibly intricate too, although you don’t need a computer to tell you how mesmerizing the choreography is. JYP Entertainment co-CEO J. Y. Park himself previously said that “Not Shy” is one of the best choreographies he’s ever seen, proclaiming it to be “2.5 times harder” than “Wannabe”.

2. “Icy”

In second place is the amazingly fun choreography for “Icy”. The analysis revealed a 93.80% synchronization score for ITZY’s second title track.

“Icy” also has the highest move intricacy score of all ITZY’s songs at 75.22%. Fans couldn’t get enough of all the point moves, from the “neck break” to the talking hand.


And first places goes to the song that started it all—ITZY’s debut track, “DALLA DALLA”. The group’s most synchronized song recorded a score of 94.12%.

“DALLA DALLA” really shows how much work ITZY put into their perfect debut, so it’s no wonder they swept so many Rookie of the Year awards in 2019. AI genius techie_ray explained that the “dragged” or “slow” moves in this song’s choreography help the members execute “clean poses” that make them appear to be in near-perfect synchronization.

Make sure to check out the full scores and techie_ray‘s verdict here: