The Amazing Evolution Of BTS’s Practice Room Over The Years

Gather around everyone, it’s time for a history lesson.

BTS started as an idol group from a small entertainment company with a small following. Now, BTS has become a cultural icon recognized all around the world! They have broken multiple records, received numerous awards, been recognized by the government, and so much more.

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Their fandom, ARMY, has proved to be a powerful influence as they rose BTS from “rags to riches.” Many fans have seen the boys grow with their own eyes, including going from a tiny practice room to a giant personal dance studio.

The changes are distinct ass you can see just how far they have come. Here is the timeline of their practice room!

1. 2013-2016

It seems every company has an iconic dance studio era. For SM Entertainment, the cloud room, for Jellyfish Entertainment, it’s the green and orange room. For BTS? It’s this room right here. With the multiple closets, hardwood floor, and iconic Big Hit Entertainment logo, this practice room served the boys well for about 4 years.

It’s a little unclear what the middle photo is, but considering it was from around 2013, it was probably the same practice room before they refurbished it.


2. 2016-2019

Picking up speed in popularity, the boys’ dances began to get more and more elaborate. You can see that in these 3 years they had a more spacious room than previously. It is also a very simple design, allowing you to focus more on the members.


3. February 2020-March 2020

It’s unclear what this room is, but it almost looks like the backstage of a concert arena! To be fair, the boys now needed significantly more space for their huge array of backup dancers.


4. September 2020-December 2020

One more change, and now we have tan walls! It gives the room a very simplistic but elegant look.


5. Present

Now, the boys have a whole new dance studio! It’s much more spacious than anything they’ve ever had, and from the picture, it looks like it could go on forever! The dark walls give it a cool vibe, and the high ceilings make it look even bigger. The boys will have no problem practicing their moves in an amazing studio like this.

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