9 Animals Who Fell Madly In Love With BTS’s Jimin

These furry friends became his biggest fans.

The Jimin Effect is real. People can’t help falling for Mochi’s charms, and neither can his furry friends!


1. Ziki from Bon Voyage 4 

When BTS checked into their accommodations in New Zealand, several dogs made them feel at home. This sweet terrier was especially charmed by Jimin. Ziki completely melted into his gentle pets!


2. This Buzzfeed puppy

When BTS did their puppy interview with Buzzfeed, this tiny puppy gave Jimin kisses and was content to stay in his lap the entire time. It was love at first lick!


3. The calico cat from his “Serendipity” MV

Jimin got snuggly with his feline costar behind the scenes of his solo music video.


Don’t they look cute together?


4. Poly the pooch

In episode 23 of Run BTS!, BTS were matched up with dogs to practice tricks and run an agility course. The trainers let the dogs choose the member and the first dog, Poly, chose Jimin.


Eager to please, Poly did whatever tricks Jimin asked for!


5. The cat that rejected Jungkook

This cat wanted nothing to do with the maknae on American Hustle Life…


…because its bias is obviously Jimin!


6. The Summer Package kitty

Cats sure do love Jimin! This one made everyone say “awww” when it cuddled with Jimin on the beach. Looks like it’s time to Google “how to be a cat” again…


7. This dog model

This handsome doggo didn’t mind lying around with Jimin for the 2015 Season’s Greetings photoshoot…


…and the photos turned out great!


8. The littlest fangirl

When Jimin introduced himself on My Pet Clinic while holding this dog, hearts melted, including hers. She was content to stay in Jimin’s arms all day, but she enjoyed spending time with J-Hope and too.


9. Yeontan

Yeontan’s #1 will always be his dog-dad V, but he loves playing with his Uncle Jimin too!