10 Relatable AF Reactions To ITZY’s Yeji Slaying The Stage As STUDIO CHOOM’s Artist Of The Month

“I believe in Hwang Yeji supremacy. 🧎‍♀️”

ITZY‘s Yeji recently burned the stage ina sexy and bold dance performance as “Artist of the Month” by STUDIO CHOOM. Check out the most relatable reactions to her insane dance cover of “River” by Bishop Briggs and don’t forget to watch the legendary performance for yourself below!

1. She’s the definition of duality.

This is why MIDZY have trust issues.

2. She showed a bit of skin…

…and absolutely no one was ready. 🔥

3. All of this couldn’t have been possible without one specific detail.

We thank you for your noble service, Mr. Chair.

4. The goddess side jumped out.

She’s bias-wrecking people left and right.

5. Her flexibility, dance skills, and charisma are unmatched.

Goodbye, ruler. Yeji’s leg is more accurate.

6. When you realize she actually hasn’t changed that much.

Same expression, bigger Yeji!

7. From STUDIO CHOOM with ITZY to performing her own dance cover as “Artist of the Month.”

MIDZY couldn’t be more proud of her!

8. This is when you know your idol is dangerous (to your heart).

Take 10 steps away from the sexy smirk!

9. She’s not only the 4th generation queen…

Where’s her crown?

10. …She’s also the hidden weapon of JYP Entertainment!

The deadliest weapon.

Check out Yeji’s full amazing performance below!