Here Are 12 Times Apink’s Naeun Was Bomi and Eunji’s Baby

#5 is absolutely precious.

Apink’s Bomi and Eunji can’t help but baby Naeun…but who can blame them? Check out these 12 times their mother-daughter bonds were overwhelmingly adorable!

1. Bomi pats Naeun’s head when she gets emotional.

She couldn’t help herself when the fans began to sing.

2. When Naeun started speaking, Bomi made sure everyone was listening.

She makes sure everyone listens to the baby loud and clear.

3. She pulls Naeun into the frame so she can get some camera time, too.

Nobody gets left out.

4. She helps her in any difficult situation.

Naeun struggles to pose in her short dress, but Bomi comes to her side to help.

5. No bangs? No problem.

Eunji covers Naeun’s forehead to give her a more flattering look for a selfie.


6. They always support her in whatever she does.

Bomi went to show Naeun support for her drama.

7. Naeun tells Eunji her cheek is hurting.

Eunji immediately tries to console the injured baby.

8. Eunji can’t help but admire Naeun’s squishy cheeks.

She’s just sooo cute, how can you blame her?!


9. Bomi can’t handle the hyperactive baby, sometimes.

It’s nonstop madness.



10. However, sometimes she joins in.

The two look like elementary school students.

11. Naeun (and Bomi!) even show Eunji support for her comeback.

They all share a mutual love that’s like a family.

12. When you think about it, they’re all babies.

Maybe someone needs to watch all of them!

Source: Nate Pann