Here’s What All 8 Members Of APRIL Are Up To Now

Only one member remains with DSP Media.

It has been around half a year since APRIL disbanded. The team announced its disbandment on January 22, 2022. The team had gone through many ups and downs over the years, with member changes and more. APRIL debuted on 2015, only to have leader Somin leave the group. Somin later debuted in KARD. Hyunjoo left the group in 2016 due to health issues and later debuted as an actress. The group had been on the rise between 2020 and 2022, until a bullying scandal shook the world. The results of the investigations are still inconclusive and the members were left to their own as they forged new paths. Curious to know what the members are doing now? Read on to find out.

1. Chaekyung

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Chaekyung joined the group in 2016 after a stint on Produce 101. Her innocent image fit the group perfectly. She has since signed on with an acting agency.

2. Jinsol

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The maknae of the group, Jinsol was an all-rounder. Not only was she APRIL’s main vocal, but she also dabbled in acting, with roles in various web dramas. She has since signed with a new agency, Story&Plus, to move into acting.

3. Yena

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Yena is also focusing on acting.  Since leaving DSP Media, she signed with Star Base Management to focus on acting. She has been in various acting roles since her time in APRIL and will soon be starring in a new movie.

4. Chaewon

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Chaewon recently concluded her fanmeeting, To. APRIL in July. She will be focusing on new activities with agency Ranggoon Entertainment.

5. Somin


Somin is successful as a member of mixed-gender group, KARD.

6. Hyunjoo

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Hyunjoo successfully concluded her remaining acting commitments in various web dramas, up to the scandal with APRIL. She has not yet signed a new contract with any agency, and has once expressed a desire to lead a normal life. It is unclear if she will be re-entering the industry.

7. Lee Naeun

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She had been a rising star in the entertainment industry up to the scandal. Thankfully, she has managed to sign an exclusive contract with Namoo Actors. Given their expertise in actor management, it is likely that she will focus on becoming an actress rather than an idol.

8. Rachel

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Rachel is still contracted under DSP Media. It is unclear as to what she plans on doing in the future, but she is currently listed under an actress in DSP Media.

With that, it seems like all members except Kim Chaewon and Lee Hyunjoo are looking towards a career in acting. Good luck to the girls on their new ventures!