These 11 Signs Show That You Are A Die-Hard ARMY

How many of these can you relate to?

There’s no doubt that BTS‘s ARMYs are a dedicated, loyal group, and spend countless hours, funds, and energy on supporting the boys and learning all they can about their favorite members.

Like all fandoms, there are some traits that all die-hard ARMYs share and can relate to one another with!  Here is a list of some of those traits.

1. You get inspired by their songs

So many of BTS’s songs have very inspiring, motivational, or deeply reflective lyrics. Not everyone takes the time to really think about what they mean, though, and only true ARMYs would look deeper into the lyrics’ meanings.

2. All of your YouTube recommendations are BTS or BTS-related

It’s a real problem… Or not, depending on how you look at it!  Most ARMYs could watch BTS content all day!

3. You watch American awards shows just for them

While you may care a little bit about American artists, you know there’s only one artist that you really want to see.

4. Your phone’s storage is full of your bias

You know the struggle when you’re trying to find a picture to show someone but you have to scroll through the dozens of pictures of your bias staring judgmentally up at you…. Yeah.

5. You know how they all introduce themselves

Over the years each of them have developed pretty consistent ways to introduce themselves for interviews and talk shows, and you know them all by heart!

6. You scour the web for all of their interviews

Speaking of interviews, you likely haven’t missed a single one and probably have them all saved on a playlist on YouTube.

7. You can’t choose which BTS song is your favorite

With such an incredible discography and so many wonderful songs to choose from, it can be pretty much impossible to decide which of them is actually your favorite. They can all be appreciated in different ways.

8. You also can’t stick to a single bias

This is a common problem for many K-Pop fans, but BTS fans seemed to notoriously have a difficult time deciding on a single bias – they’re just all so lovable!

9. You’re always calculating KST (Korean Standard Time) to make sure you don’t miss anything

Whether it’s an mv release, live stream, or something of the like, you likely have a clock set somewhere to show what the time is in Korea so you don’t miss anything.

10. You have all of their birthdays memorized

This is just a given, isn’t it?  These are important dates!

11. You’re always broke because you can never buy enough merch

Seriously, if they keep making so many amazing products, how is anyone supposed to have any money left??