Here’s 10+ ARMY Reactions To Bang PD’s Resignation As CEO Of HYBE

Whether he’s cooking in the studio or kitchen, it’s gonna be good.

HYBE Labels founder and CEO Bang Si Hyuk, referred to by fans as “Bang PD,” stepped down from his current position as CEO of the label. He will still have a role in management as chairman, however.

Fans of HYBE’s most successful and popular group BTS, ARMY, have taken to Twitter to react to the news. Here are 10+ of their reactions…

1. We didn’t exactly see this one coming

2. These photocards extra rare now

3. On the bright side, we about to get some bangers

4. Reducing the number of any kind of meetings is understandable

5. We’re loyal

6. We are, however, ready to see more of Jungkook’s artistic portraits

7. Welcome home, cheaters

8. Some of our favorite memories with Bang PD

9. Bang PD is especially thoughtful and conscientious

10. Priorities

11. As he should

12. 😭

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