Here Are 10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s Surprise Appearance At The “2022 Oscars”

What Suga wants, Suga gets!

BTS made a surprise appearance last night at the 94th Academy Awards (also known as the 2022 Oscars). The members talked about their favorite musical moments, particularly in Disney films.

Here are 10+ of the most iconic ARMY reactions to the moment…

1. It’s a fact… Whatever Suga wants, Suga gets!

2. Manifesting Jin and V receiving acting awards next

3. Is it even an awards show without BTS?

4. The clues are adding up…

5. Literally all of our collective reaction

6. Who else is doing it like them?

7. BTS x Disney collab when?

8. Dream becomes reality

9. Take notes, BTS stylists

10. We love to see it.

11. If BTS were actually in the audience that night

12. In reality, though…

Check out more reactions to that moment below:

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