20+ Reactions To BTS’s 2022 Comeback That Are Way Too Real For Any ARMY

Every BTS album becomes the best!

BTS have finally made their long-anticipated comeback with the anthology album Proof, featuring many of their most iconic tracks, new songs including “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” demos, and more.

So, here are 20+ ARMY reactions that are too relatable…

1. WE MADE IT! The day has come!

2. We’re survivors.

3. J-Hope ate.


5. Listening to the new songs back to back is… an experience.

6. “Run BTS” is THAT song.

7. The moment we’ve all been waiting for

8. BRB, crying.

9. It is like we are in a multisport race!

10. “For Youth” is giving us both tears and goosebumps.

11. We only just completed chapter 1…

12. The “Yet To Come” MV destroyed all of us.

13. ARMY and BTS are soulmates.

14. Everyone say, “Thank you, Jin.”

15. BTS do be wildin’.

16. Everything BTS does has a good reason.

17. BTS’s next tour is going to be legendary.

18. Lives rent-free in our minds

19. Explain, KBS

20. Every BTS album is the best.