10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS J-Hope’s “MORE” That Are Too Real

“Somehow, using ‘Hobi’ doesn’t feel right at this time.”

BTS‘s J-Hope has officially made his solo comeback with the first single “MORE” off of his upcoming solo album Jack in the Box, and let’s just say that we’re definitely not in “Hope World” anymore.

Although J-Hope had previously teased his edgy new concept in both Weverse Magazine and his concept photos, some ARMYs were still unprepared. So, here are 10+ of the most relatable reactions to “MORE.”

1. We’ve got duality just like BTS.

2. We had to pick up our jaws off the floor at the end.

3. He said what needed to be said!

4. We feel attacked…

5. We might be thirsty, but J-Hope literally ate.

6. That cameraman deserves a raise because…

7. It’s truly all connected.

8. He is insane for this!

9. What do we call him now? Jack? J-Hot? What?

10. J-Hope: The Dark World

11. Lyricist king!

12. He is our inspiration moving forward in life.

13. Does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes?

14. The cinematic parallels

15. We’re going deep!

16. We wouldn’t survive.

17. “Hobipalooza” is going to be absolutely nuts!

Check out ARMY reactions to J-Hope’s recent concept photos below:

10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS J-Hope’s Dark “Jack In The Box” Concept That Are Too Real