10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s Album “Face” That Are Too Real

PJM1 is finally here…but at what cost…

BTS’s Jimin is currently making waves with his freshly-dropped solo album Face. The record has six tracks, each with honest songwriting, catchy tunes, and next-level production. Fans have long waited for soloist Jimin, and it’s safe to say that ARMYs are now going through it.


Here are 11 realest reactions from fans in the aftermath of Face.

1. Is this really happening?

2. Jimin wouldn’t want you to go down that road tbh.

3. Now, where have we heard that before?

4. You just can’t stop your hands from going up in the air…that’s Like Crazy.

5. Face is about to become the first K-Pop album to start an armed revolution.

6. It was a necessary sacrifice.

7. What he did, on the other hand…was not

8. It’s never too early for Jimin’s sermons.

9. It’s okay to admit that we *ALL* needed time out there.

10. When the song is so good, you need to shift dimensions.

11. And lastly, a reminder.