10+ ARMY Reactions To BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” MV So You Don’t Have To Process Your Emotions Alone

Jin immediately had ARMYs in their feels.

BTS‘s Jin finally made his long-awaited solo debut with “The Astronaut” and the touching lyrics, cinematic music video, and smooth vocals from Jin proved it was well worth the wait.

BTS’s Jin in “The Astronaut” MV | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

As the music video debuted, a separate video was also released where Jin gave some background information about the music video’s deeper meaning.

I expressed how I feel about ARMY, who made me who I am as the Jin of BTS. The lyrics are also about me, who flows aimlessly, and you, who find my ARMY.

— Jin

ARMYs definitely felt the love and appreciation from Jin during the emotional music video.

Here are 12 ARMY reactions to the music video that were too real.

1. Immediately emotional

2. Finding the small details and trying not to cry

3. There’s no one like Jin

4. Finding ARMY written in braille on Jin’s neck

5. The nods to OT7 to get us back in our feels

6. The parallels between “The Astronaut” MV and Coldplay’s “Paradise” MV, an awesome ode to Jin’s collaboration with one of his favorite bands

7. His adorable moments with the little girl on the bike

8. Realizing the deeper meaning the girl represents

9. The cinematic masterpiece of it all

10. Realizing an astronaut’s mission

11. Jin hoped ARMYs would be happy when listening to the song, but how is that possible with some many emotional moments?

12. Jin reminds ARMYs where his home is, and who is always by his side

Check out the article below for hidden details throughout Jin’s music video!

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