10+ Details You Might Not Have Noticed In BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” MV

If you weren’t already crying, you will now…

BTS‘s Jin has officially released his anticipated solo single “The Astronaut,” co-written by British band Coldplay along with its music video.

The MV is cinematic and filled with symbolism, Easter eggs, cameos, and more that you might not have noticed the first time while watching due to all the tears we were crying. So, check out 10+ details from the MV below.

1. Braille

There are a few uses of Braille in the MV, and they all symbolize ARMY.

2. Coldplay merch

Not only did Coldplay co-write the song, but Chris Martin and his son provided backing vocals. Jin is also a huge Coldplay fan, so it was a cute nod to the band to have Coldplay merchandise, including posters and vinyl, in Jin’s room.

And one of the posters is for the BTS x Coldplay collaboration “My Universe,” so that means all seven members of BTS are technically in the MV too!

3. Jin’s guitar gifted to him by Chris Martin

Additionally, the guitar that Chris Martin gifted Jin when the bands met up in New York was in the room.

4. Chris Martin’s cameo

Chris Martin even made a cameo, acting as a news reporter on TV.

5. References to Coldplay’s universe

There are a few Easter eggs for Coldplay’s own Music of the Spheres universe.

6. The Earth and Moon

Previously, Jin referred to ARMYs as his “Earth” in his solo “Moon” as he is their moon. Multiple details connect to this.

7. Parallels to Coldplay music videos

Several shots in “The Astronaut” MV parallel those from iconic Coldplay music videos.

8. The Astronaut

While we think of Jin as the “astronaut” of the song, there’s an astronaut in the MV, and we just can’t help but think of BTS leader RM for obvious reasons.

Yet, the MV’s Director of Photography Hyungwoo Nam was actually the man in the suit!

It could also be a reference to “Permission to Dance,” though.

9. The child’s artwork

In Jin’s room, several children’s drawings appear. They were drawn by a real kid, and it was none other than the son of the MV director Lumpens.

10. Baby Jin

One of the children’s drawings looks a lot like the iconic childhood photo of Jin in a suit.

11. HYYH

The real reason we’re never going to let The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era, or “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” (HYYH), go is that BTS won’t.

Jin riding off in a truck at the end totally puts one in mind of all seven members in the truck in HYYH.

12. All the symbolism

The MV is incredibly cinematic, including that it contains a great story. Jin is an alien that crashes on Earth, and he meets a family, including a little girl who represents ARMY. They both teach each other important things about life…

And while Jin may have to leave, he will return, and she’ll be there waiting.

Some ARMYs also see how the story includes BTS and that maybe the girl is not only ARMY but the members.

13. References to each BTS member

There are so many items in the bedroom, and some ARMYs think that each item represents a BTS member.