BTS’s Jin Is Having The Time Of His Life Dancing At Coldplay’s Concert Ahead Of His Solo’s Debut

This Coldplay fanboy couldn’t be happier!

BTS‘s Jin is currently having the time of his life in Buenos Aries, Argentina.


Recently, it was announced that Jin would debut his solo single “The Astronaut” at Coldplay‘s concert in Argentina on October 28. The British band co-wrote the song.

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So, on October 24 morning (KST), Jin went to the Incheon International Airport to depart for his trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It takes over a day to travel from Seoul to Buenos Aires. So, finally, Jin was able to announce that he arrived safely on October 25 night.

Jin was met by the city, having received “borahaefication.” Argentina has transformed into ArJINtina for his arrival.

Coldplay’s 2022-2023 MUSIC of the SPHERES World Tour includes over eight concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at Estadio River Plate. So, Jin could attend a show as a fan ahead of his performance on the 28th.

Fans spotted Jin in the crowd, and he was truly having the time of his life. He was straight-up vibing to “Viva La Vida.”

A Coldplayer (Coldplay fan) had recognized him as their friend’s BTS bias, so they sent it to them. Our fellow ARMY was totally jealous!

Today I learned what envy is, my friend sends me this… telling me: isn’t this the one you like?
Yes … He is the love of my life

— @chelleruffi/Twitter

The same Coldplayer in attendance was confused at first as to why so many people were looking at Jin. Thankfully, they captured these videos anyway.

a Coldplayer friend of my sister @chelleruffi was there! And she didn’t know who Kim Seokjin was, nor why everyone was looking at him

— @ferchuruffini/Twitter

Of course, Jin had to dance when BTS’s collaboration song “My Universe” was performed! This Coldplay fanboy couldn’t be happier.

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin always gives a shoutout to Jin when the band performs “My Universe,” even if he’s not there, referring to him as “Worldwide Handsome.”

Knowing Jin was at the concert, Chris gave him a shout-out as usual but changed it up. This time, he called him “my brother.”

Chris and Jin’s friendship is truly goals! Read more below.

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