BTS’s Jin Leaves Argentina Airport Through Private Exit — And His Reason Shows His True Personality

Jin is always looking out for ARMY.

BTS‘s Jin recently left Korea for Argentina where he will join Coldplay onstage for a live performance of his brand new solo single “The Astronaut ”  in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Oct 28.

BTS’s Jin | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

On his way there, he showed off his luxurious airport fashion as ARMY anticipated his arrival.

| Dispatch

However, it didn’t take long for the airport in Argentina to become crowded with fans waiting to see him.

Videos quickly circulated of crowds in various sections of the airport. However, Jin never walked through this section of the airport and posted on Weverse that he left through a private exit.

Jin revealed he was planning on leaving through the public exit, but since the situation could quickly become dangerous, he decided to use the other exit and apologized to fans.

I’ve arrived safely and well in Argentina.

I’m sorry to everyone who was at the airportㅠㅠ

Since there was so many people gathered, I was afraid you guys would get hurt

So I couldn’t exit through that way

I wanted to make sure to see you, I’m sorry.

— Jin

| Weverse

He also let fans know that he hopes to see those he couldn’t meet at the airport at the concert instead.

If it’s possible, it would be really nice if I can see you at the concert

— Jin

Jin‘s concern for fans and their safety is ultimately what influenced his decision to leave through the private exit. ARMY respect his mature and thoughtful choice — and can’t wait to see him at the concert!



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