BTS’s Jin And Coldplay’s Chris Martin Send ARMYs Into Meltdown With Their Wholesome Messages, Teasing Upcoming Live Performance Of Jin’s “The Astronaut” Together In Argentina

Jin will debut “The Astronaut” at Coldplay’s concert!

The relationship between BTS and Coldplay goes back quite a bit at this point. Both groups have consistently shown appreciation for each other, and their work together has been undeniably iconic.

BTS’s Jin (left) and Coldplay’s Chris Martin (right)

Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin has always been happily open about his friendship with the BTS members, and his respect for Jin and Korean culture has earned him much praise in the past.

Chris Martin (left) and Jin (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

Jin announced the upcoming release of his single album, The Astronaut, at BTS’s Yet To Come concert, teasing that he had gotten the chance to work with someone whom he “really adores.”

It was reported that the song had been gifted by Coldplay, and as it turns out, both Chris Martin and his son, Moses Martin, are credited in the album, making Jin’s upcoming solo even more special. After all, Jin has been a longtime fan of Coldplay!

Now, his friendship with Chris Martin is making ARMYs feel soft as they exchange the most heartfelt messages, even teasing an appearance by Jin in Coldplay’s upcoming concert in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The official BTS Twitter account shared a thread of messages between Chris Martin and Jin, which started with them catching up. Yet, Chris Martin did not hesitate to immediately ask Jin to join him and the band for their concert on October 28, the day of The Astronaut‘s release.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Their conversation also showed just how close they are as they shared their concerns. Chris Martin thanked Jin for inspiring the song and even touched on previous conversations the two of them had over Jin’s upcoming leave. ARMYs went weak when Jin referred to him as, “my superstar, my bro.” And of course, he enthusiastically agreed to perform in Argentina!

Chris Martin made fans melt as he said, “Ok my brother Jin, ARMYs are lucky to have you, you are a precious man!” (ARMYs couldn’t agree more.) He also sent his love to the rest of the members, reminding everyone of the wholesome friendship they all share.

Jin claimed he is more than ready to go perform and announced his intention to prepare for the long trip immediately, confirming that he will debut “The Astronaut” live at Coldplay’s concert.

Fans were already happy just to see them collaborate on Jin’s upcoming solo…

…but seeing them together once again is almost on another level. ARMYs are more than proud!

Jin and Chris Martin’s messages have truly proven that they have the most wholesome friendship…

…which fans will now get to see onstage once again. You can look forward to Jin’s performance of “The Astronaut” with Coldplay on October 28! Read up on the details right here.

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