Coldplay’s Chris Martin Shows He’s A True BTS ARMY By Rocking Some Rare Merch To Their Dinner Together

Here’s the story behind it!

BTS and Coldplay‘s Chris Martin have recently reunited during BTS’s trip to Washington D.C. and fans can add yet another wholesome interaction to the list of “Coldtan” moments!

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Just last year, BTS gifted Coldplay the Gaeryang Hanbok, or the modernized hanbok, that adapts the traditional Korean clothing to suit daily life.

Proud of their gift, the members of both groups posted photos on Twitter in their new looks!

At the same time, Chris Martin gifted Jin a guitar and described why he chose the oldest member in an interview with KiddNation.

Well, Jin is the eldest, so the way I think that Korean culture works is that’s okay to pay extra respect to the eldest.

— Chris Martin

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

The gift-giving doesn’t stop there! He also gave the members Coldplay merch and some love button pins as seen on Jin’s hoodie.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Now, their latest outing together shows another sweet moment of the group’s rocking each other’s merch! In J-Hope‘s Instagram video of Jin, Chris Martin can be seen in the background talking to RM.

Chris Martin’s outfit might look familiar to a true ARMY!

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Chris Martin was sporting Jin’s “GOOD DAY” pajamas from BTS’s highly-coveted “Artist-Made Collection,” only the luckiest fans were able to get their hands on the super rare merch.

| Naver

Knowing BTS and Coldplay’s relationship, it may be another sweet gift they gave to one another! Long live the Coldtan era!

Check out what else happened during BTS’s trip below.

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