BTS Gets Dinner With Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Visits An Arcade With H.E.R., And More While In The US

J-Hope posted all about it!

BTS has officially wrapped up their trip to Washington D.C. After visiting the White House to meet with the President and discuss diversity and anti-Asian hate, the boys spent the rest of their trip meeting with fellow artists.

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J-Hope took to Instagram to post all about the group’s outing to RPM Italian in Washington D.C.

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“Wow! …What is this? Is this dessert?” J-Hope said while recording his video of their Baked Alaska, a cake that’s set on fire to cook the outside.

“Isn’t this hot ice cream?” Jin laughs as J-Hope turns to record him. You can also catch a glimpse of RM and Coldplay‘s Chris Martin in the background, showing that BTS had the opportunity to meet with all kinds of friends during their stay.

Upon closer look, ARMY noticed Chris Martin is rocking Jin’s “GOOD DAY” pajamas from BTS’s “Artist-Made Collection” merchandise!

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Next, from his arcade trip, J-Hope showed off their beer tower from a local arcade — and Jimin jokingly keeping the beer for himself!

Along with Jungkook and American singer H.E.R., the boys played basketball…

…and even took their shot at the punching machine.

Lastly, he included a selfie showing his grand exit from the US!

BYE 👋 Washington, DC

— J-Hope

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From visiting the White House to meeting with some iconic artists, the memories from this trip will last a lifetime!

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