BTS Speaks On Diversity And Anti-Asian Hate At The White House Press Briefing

“We join The White House to stand with the AANHPI community.”

Today, BTS is meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes, the importance of Asian inclusion, and more.

President Biden in the Oval Office. | @WHIAANHPI/Twitter

The meeting, which began at 3:00 PM (ET) in the Oval Office, is closed to the press. BTS did, however, speak publically to reporters at Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre‘s press briefing, which began just after 2:30 PM (ET).

From left to right: BTS’s V, Jungkook, Jimin, RM, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre (center).

BTS’s leader RM was the first member to speak. “Thank you Karine for your kind words,” he said. “And hi, we’re BTS, and it is a great honor to be invited to The White House today to discuss important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion, and diversity.”

“Today is the last day of AANHPI Heritage Month,” Jin said. “We join The White House to stand with the AANHPI community and to celebrate.”

Jimin expressed BTS’s devastation regarding hate crimes and their hope that the violence will end.

We were devastated by the recent surge of hate crimes, including Asian American hate crimes. To put a stop on this and to support the cause, we’d like to take this opportunity to voice ourselves once again.

— Jimin

As always, BTS also made a point to thank ARMY. J-Hope said, “We are here today thanks to our ARMY, our fans worldwide, who have different nationalities, and cultures, and use different languages. We are truly and always grateful.”

Jungkook touched on BTS’s music and how it has united people around the globe.

We still feel surprised that music created by South Korean artists reaches so many people around the world, transcending languages and cultural barriers. We believe music is always an amazing and wonderful unifier of all things.

— Jungkook

“It’s not wrong to be different,” Suga said. “I think equality begins when we open up and embrace all of our differences.” 

“Everyone has their own history,” added. “We hope today is one step forward to respecting and understanding each and every one as a valuable person.” 

Unfortunately, BTS was unable to field questions, but that didn’t stop reporters from trying! Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was quick to jump in and move the briefing along.

Reporter: What does it mean to you to come to The White House?

Press Secretary Jean-Pierre: They’re not going to take any questions, but thanks so much guys.

BTS: [laughs]

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