BTS’s Jin Has A New Traveling Companion For His Argentina Trip

Has RJ been replaced?!

BTS‘s Jin has a new son, and he’s joining him on his latest trip.

BTS’s Jin | Weverse

Ever since Jin’s fluffy alpaca RJ was created by him as part of BTS’s collaboration with LINE FRIENDS for the new brand of characters, BT21, the two have been nearly inseparable!

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He’s been a proud dad, promoting RJ all of the time.

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RJ has even appeared on stage with him for several performances, including PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE. 

Jin (left) and Coldplay’s Chris Martin (right)

Wherever Jin went, RJ went as well. So, in his short lifespan, RJ has become quite well-traveled and cultured.

One has never seen Jin without RJ when he travels. Even on his recent trip to Los Angeles, California, ARMYs noticed that while RJ was not in his hands, the plush was in a staff’s bag for Jin.

Yet, on his recent trip, Jin has a new traveling companion.

On October 24 morning (KST), Jin went to the Incheon International Airport to depart for his trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Last week, it was revealed that he would be a featured guest for Coldplay‘s concert on October 28 to live debut his solo single “The Astronaut,” which was co-written by the group.

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So, today, Jin traveled to Argentina. When he appeared at the airport, he was holding a plushie of the new character Wootteo, a mini astronaut assisting in promotions for Jin’s new single.

Wootteo also posted on their Instagram account, sharing that they were traveling too.

Many ARMYs were excited to see the Wootteo plush, hoping it would be part of a new merchandise collection.

But most couldn’t help but joke about RJ being “replaced” by Wootteo, considering the alpaca is usually the one in Jin’s arms when traveling.

So, the meme reactions have been rolling in…

However, Jin was also holding a large Louis Vuitton bag. Considering RJ was in a bag last time, we suspect that they were in his bag this time.

Another ARMY pointed out that rather than Wootteo being a replacement for RJ, the astronaut was created for our lovable alpaca to have a companion while Jin is gone for his mandatory military enlistment. BRB, crying.

So, we hope Jin and Wootteo (and RJ) will have a safe trip to Argentina!


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