Who Is Wootteo? BTS’s J-Hope Joins ARMYs In Trying To Figure Out The Identity Of A Cryptic Instagram Account

How did the account end up with exclusive footage of Jin?

On October 18, KST, Big Hit Music dropped the teaser of BTS member Jin‘s upcoming single “The Astronaut.” While ARMYs were busy marveling at the visual effect of the video and the probable meaning behind it, some fans found a cryptic account on Instagram with very little following that has been posting content ever since Jin announced his single at the Busan concert on October 15.

The Instagram handle goes by the username of “Wootteo.” The first picture posted on the account is of a cartoon astronaut character with two ponytails, which is eerily similar to the first picture Jin posted on his Instagram account.

So far, the account has posted eight photos, all of which are of the same character doing different poses or missions. The most recent uploads include a snap from the Busan concert and a never-seen-before video of Jin in a recording studio.

While fans were busy trying to figure out what is going on with this account, J-Hope seemed to join in the curiosity. He posted a comment on the first picture of the account, asking, “Who are you?”

It is somewhat evident that Wootteo is probably part of the promotional activities around “The Astronaut.” Not only does the account’s content look well-produced, but also, the character in the pictures looks exactly like the character that pops up on Twitter if you use the tag ‘#Jin.’

J-Hope’s comment has added more curiosity to the situation since some ARMYs feel that he is probably playing along with the whole cryptic promotion theme, while others think he is just as clueless as everyone else.

Big Hit is best known for going above and beyond to leave easter eggs about upcoming projects that fans can have fun with while analyzing. But what are they planning with Wootteo? Is it a new mascot just for the sake of the single? Or is this a new IP to be seen in further projects like TinyTAN or BT21?


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