BTS’s Jin Finally Gets His Gigantic RJ — Here’s What He Had To Say About The Life-Sized Beauty

“Thank you BT21!”

In a previous live broadcast, BTS‘s Jin once asked BT21 to consider giving him a “two meter tall RJ” for his birthday.

And… You know how there is RJ from BT21? Since my birthday is coming up and all… I asked if they could give RJ to me as a gift. They asked, “How big?” So I said, “I’d say around two meters tall.”

— Jin

At the time of the broadcast, Jin shared, “I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I look forward to it.”

Months later, on July 17, Jin shared this single tweet on BTS’s official Twitter account:

| @bts_twt/Twitter

He celebrated the birth of his long-awaited gigantic RJ — with a shoutout to BT21 for coming through!

BT21’s special gift — the one and only gigantic RJ, Jin edition! If anyone finds this for sale online, you know Kim Seok Jin is the culprit. I was sleeping, but as soon as I heard it’s ready, I got up and came to work. Thank you BT21!

— Jin

While not exactly two meters tall, the supersized RJ is nonetheless making Jin extremely happy. On Weverse, Jin shared some more details about his life-sized BT21 son:

| Weverse

The supersized RJ is at least 40 kilograms heavy. He is also a lot softer than I expected. It’s also solid, but very fluffy. And the shoes are like 30 kilograms.

— Jin

And ARMYs simply cannot get enough of this softness.

Dreams do come true, eh?

| @BT21_/Twitter

Check out Jin’s complete adoration for his one and only RJ:

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Source: THEQOO


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