A Heartbreaking Detail In the Teaser Of BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” Got ARMYs Emotional

He truly has the purest heart in the whole world.

BTS‘s Jin is all set to release his solo single, “The Astronaut,” on October 28, KST. The song’s teaser dropped only recently, wowing ARMYs with the high-end visual effects. But some fans noticed a specific detail in the 2-minute-long video that got the fandom emotional.

The video shows an astronaut floating through space as the scenario keeps changing from an empty space to a crowded one, from calm to chaos. Many fans speculated that the song’s theme might use the metaphor of an astronaut leaving home to venture out into the big, unknown space to hint at the real-life situation of Jin, who is preparing to enlist in the military this year. The theory is quite plausible, given how Jin referred to ARMYs as his ‘earth’ in his solo song, “Moon.”

If that wasn’t emotional enough, many ARMYs also feel that Jin included his late pet dog Jjangu in the teaser video. Around 1 minute 42 seconds into the video, a dog is seen floating through space side-by-side with the astronaut. The design of the dog is visually very similar to Jjangu.

Some fans also analyzed the clip and noticed that the astronaut finds the dog after starting his journey, and the dog follows him for a while. But then he stops, and the astronaut seems to look back, searching for him, before continuing his journey. This simple storyboard appears to convey the time he shared with Jjangu, who was his family dog for over a decade.

When Jjangu passed away in 2017, BTS were in the middle of a promotion. Many ARMYs noticed that Jin’s condition seemed to be pretty bad while recording a performance of “Mic Drop” at a music show. Later, Jin updated the fans that Jjangu had passed away that day. During the second season of BTS In The Soop, J-Hope revealed that Jin was unconsolable that day, so the team decided to work hard and wrap up the shoot fast so that he could get some rest.

When you think about the beautiful relationship Jin had with Jjangu, the possibility of him being included in such a meaningful song of Jin’s career is definitely enough to make a grown person cry.


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