BTS Revisit “HYYH” Era With “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” MV Teaser

We’re never letting “HYYH” go, and neither is BTS!

We’re officially returning to BTS‘s HYYH!

The BTS Universe (BU) began as a series of music videos and fan theories in 2015 that expanded over time. While it is ongoing, it originated with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life era, or “Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa” (HYYH). The official name “The BTS Universe” wasn’t given until 2017.

From left: BTS’s V, Jimin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jin, and Jungkook in the “HYYH” era.

Since it is an important part of BTS history, ARMYs frequently mention it with new releases, hoping that the story will continue expanding. So, we’ve been looking for hints…

Leading up to this current comeback, ARMYs have been speculating more than ever that BTS have been foreshadowing a return to the HYYH era.

Even if BTS’s leader himself RM tried to tell us to get over HYYH, we refused. We knew it wasn’t over yet!

So, when BTS dropped their comeback schedule and title to their lead single, “Yet to Come. (The Most Beautiful Moment,” it appeared that all the speculations for months were coming true after all, much to ARMYs’ excitement.

The theories about HYYH‘s return were only made more true when Suga and J-Hope dropped some references recently…

Now, BTS finally released the official MV teaser for their brand new single “Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” ahead of their comeback. The 35-second clip is packed with so many references from BTS’s past, particularly the HYYH era.

Right off the bat, we see V alone “in the middle of nowhere.” Doesn’t this automatically remind you of the iconic “Spring Day?”

Speaking of “Spring Day,” ARMYs found parallels between both Jimin and J-Hope’s scenes too.

Jimin’s outfit looks notably like his from “Spring Day,” and we can’t call it a coincidence.

The parallels of Jungkook‘s scene are unbelievably uncanny, further cementing the fact that we are officially back in HYYH.

Lastly, eagle-eyed ARMYs noticed two details within Suga’s scene. Both the smeraldo flowers and a piano are featured.

Yet, it’s not only HYYH that is referenced in the MV teaser. There are subtle references to many other iconic BTS eras.

Check out more moments from the teaser you may have missed below:

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