Are BTS Foreshadowing A Return To “HYYH Era?” – Here’s What Fans Are Speculating

It’s April 11th, 2022…

In 2015 BTS started an era that truly captured fans’ attention with its incredibly deep storyline. The HYYH era, which began with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1, focuses on a devastating story of seven friends whose fates are intertwined.

The story’s lore stretches not only over BTS music videos but also the Save Me Webtoon, The Notes companion novels, the BTS Universe Story mobile game, and even an upcoming K-Drama, Youth.

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The seemingly never-ending story development and the heartbreaking storyline have kept fans trying to piece together every possible clue, connecting all the details.

And although it’s not unusual for fans to be focused on the HYYH era, today, in particular, is a meaningful day in relation to the complex storyline.

The Save Me Webtoon shares that April 11th, 2022, is perhaps one of the most crucial dates to the story. In the story, Jin‘s character is stuck in a loop, continually waking up on April 11th trying to save his friends.

And while the date alone is enough to get HYYH era enthusiasts excited, the date didn’t seem to escape BIGHIT MUSIC‘s notice either.

Fans were surprised to see a new Instagram account, @flowersmeraldo, open on April 11th.

One Twitter user made sure to introduce newer ARMYs to the concept of the “smeraldo flower.” First, talk about the blog created during the Love Yourself: Her era in 2017. The blog shared many different stories that, coupled with The Notes companion novels, truly helped flesh out the story world.

The “smeraldo flower” itself is fictional, only existing in the BTS universe.

The opening of this new Instagram account leaves fans wondering if this indicates a possible return to the HYYH era storyline or may even another type of Love Yourself concept.

Fans are mentioning how BTS recently included pictures from the HYYH era in their recent 2022 GRAMMY Awards performance.

And fans also remember that member RM recently shared “Outro: Her” on his Instagram Stories.

Although it isn’t clear whether the new Instagram account and recent HYYH era references indicate a continuation of The Notes books, an advertisement for the Youth K-Drama slated to be released in 2022, or a possible comeback theme… Fans can at least once more enjoy a renewed interest in HYYH era lore.

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