ARMY’s Reaction to BTS’s Return to “HYYH” Era— The Clues Were There All Along

ARMYs react to the hints BTS left about their upcoming release.

BTS fans are officially gearing up for the group’s June comeback. In celebrating, ARMYs are realizing the hints BTS have been leaving about their upcoming release and its relation to the legendary HYYH era.

BTS’s upcoming lead single cover art | @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter

BTS announced their comeback schedule and title to their lead single, “Yet to Come.” Fans were thrilled to see what appears to be the return to the group’s HYYH era as they have been speculating it for months.

The HYYH storyline is so intricate and compelling that it never left the minds of ARMYs, even when members said we should get over it.

It was discovered the new PROOF photo cards seemed to correlate to the HYYH era album covers.

ARMYs found that the members were hinting at the return for a while. RM had casually been posting throwback photos to the era on his Instagram.

BTS’s Suga had also referenced a moment in the “Run” music video, which was a part of the HYYH universe.

BTS’s Suga Can’t Help Thinking About An Iconic Music Video Moment With Jungkook When Filming His Slap Scene With PSY

Fans began to speculate about the new release and how it will fit in with the HYYH storyline, which heavily focused on the beautiful moments of one’s youth.

New fans shared in the excitement, saying they were happy to experience this continuation of the HYYH era.

Despite BTS’s best efforts to persuade ARMY that it’s time to move on from the iconic era, it seems HYYH will continue.