BTS’s Jin Asked Coldplay’s Chris Martin For Advice On Where To Keep His Guitar, And Chris Had The Best Idea

Chris is so thoughtful!

BTS‘s Jin is one of the most successful fans of all time, and we have proof.

BTS’s Jin | GQ

Jin has been a longtime fan of Coldplay, and this year, a dream became a reality when BTS collaborated with the British rock band. So, when he met with GQ recently for his interview for the magazine’s special edition feature of BTS, he talked extensively about Coldplay like a true fanboy.

GQ mentioned that since the release of “My Universe,” “Coldplay” comes up as a related search whenever you enter “BTS Jin” into a search engine. That was all it took for Jin to gush about the band, particularly lead singer Chris Martin.

I’m a big fan of Chris Martin. Thinking back even now, it was truly incredible to be able to collaborate with Coldplay. It was such a precious time for me. I really like ‘Viva la Vida’ and ‘Fix You,’ and we were able to cover ‘Fix You’ recently! That made me especially happy.

— Jin

The interviewer couldn’t ignore how Jin lights up when talking about Coldplay, even commenting, “You look very happy even now.” So, they asked him about his experience meeting Coldplay for the first time.

We held a lot of online meetings at first. They kept asking us what style we wanted and what story we wanted to tell. They encouraged us to share our opinions all throughout the writing process. Even when Chris came to Korea to record the track, even when he was producing it, he constantly asked us if there was anything we wanted to try.

— Jin

Coldplay X BTS Inside ‘My Universe’ Documentary | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Jin described BTS and Coldplay’s collaboration as truly collaborative. For this reason, it’s one of his favorite experiences in song-making, even if he was disappointed that not everything made the final cut.

We offered a whole lot of suggestions, but the one that sticks in my memory is the idea of Chris singing in Korean and us singing in English. He said it would be a lot of fun, so we even recorded a version of it, though I regret to say it didn’t make the final cut. This song-making experience was one of my absolute favourites.

— Jin

Coldplay X BTS Inside ‘My Universe’ Documentary | BANGTANTV/YouTube

Still, it was all good feelings. Coldplay has been nothing but a respectful team to work with. Chris Martin especially stood out to Jin because of the singer’s kindness.

[Laughs] I was so happy. After our collaboration, we had a chance to see him again in the US. When just the two of us were in the studio, I said to him, ‘Hey, your guitar’s cool.’

— Jin

Jin is clearly a big fan of Chris, and we can understand why! He confessed that when Chris gifted him the guitar, he was in a state of shock and wasn’t sure how to respond.

I mean, I’m such a big fan. Honestly, everything about him is cool. But he suddenly handed the guitar over, saying it was a gift. I hadn’t been implying anything with my comment. Even in my dazed state, I was so excited I didn’t know how to respond.

— Jin

Jin couldn’t have been more surprised by Chris’s generous gift, so he continually checked with him to see if it was really okay to take it, knowing it was Chris’ very own guitar. Of course, Chris was serious about it.

It’s true. I asked him multiple times if he was serious, because I just couldn’t believe it. I was so grateful. I heard later on that he knew I was a fan. Maybe that’s why he gave it to me? This is all an assumption, of course. [laughs]

— Jin

Previously, Jin had promised that he wouldn’t play the guitar, but instead, he would keep it as a family heirloom or keepsake. So, where exactly is this prized possession? It’s with the rest of Jin’s most beloved items in a special place.

I keep my prized possessions in the front entrance of my house. When you open the door, there’s a huge ‘RJ’ figure [created in collaboration with LINE company] that’s about 2 meters tall. Beside it is the guitar. [laughs]

— Jin

This guitar is a gift from Chris Martin after the performance. I told him that his guitar looked cool and he gladly gave it to me. What an awesome friend! I’ll have to display it nicely at home, it’s going to be a family heirloom now. Thank you, Martin!

— Jin via @BTS_twt/Twitter

It turns out that like “My Universe,” where to put the guitar was a collaboration as well. Jin respectfully asked Chris where he should keep the guitar, and he had the brilliant idea of placing it next to Jin-created alpaca character RJ.

I actually asked Chris where I should keep it. He said next to RJ would be best, so I didn’t have to agonise over where to put it.

— Jin

From left: The guitar gifted by Chris Martin, RJ holding Jin’s pink mic, and Louis Vuitton suitcase. | Weverse

From Chris’ suggestion, it’s clear that he’s a true ARMY! Everyone who knows Jin knows he loves RJ greatly.

Jin and Chris Martin’s fan-turned-friendship is one of the best things to come from 2021!

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